Jondan’s Story

Jondan is a licensed assistive technology professional who helps people with disabilities in real life.

“I came into SL in July of 2007, for entertainment and social netwoking. I was introduced to Virtual Ability by an acquaintance who was doing some building for the organization.

“I’m an assistive technology practitioner in RL and have offered my expertise and assistance in whatever way VAI can use me. I’ve done presentations and consulting on Universal Design, have assessed SL residents and recommended assistive devices for them, and have participated in discussions regarding building and programs.”

One important connection with real life that Jondan makes for our members is referral to professionals in the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America. This US national organization’s website ( includes a “Find a Certified AT Professional” link that provides referrals to assistive technology practitioners in each state, so people can find local real-world assistance in determining the appropriate technology to use to access Second Life, and receive training in its proper use.

Of his volunteer work with Virtual Ability members, Jondan says,”It gives me a new take on the needs of individuals who are trying to function in a virtual world and how I might assist them with that. It’s another avenue for me to use my talents and expertise.”