Ronin’s Story

Ronin Shippe is an SL artist and a writer, and an artist and martial artist in RL.

“More than any one specific one thing that Virtual Ability does, I appreciate the sense of community – The fact that many people are there at VAI, and willing to help on ANYTHING that comes up…. Clothing, free furniture, technical advice, parties, information, activities…. Or just people to talk to. Anything and everything, I know I can get help, and that if I direct others to VAI as I frequently have, THEY will get help.

VAI is both innovative and responsive to any need that arises – All things SL. Anything that someone needs done.

I’m a prime example: I have an apartment, furniture, and an array of SL technical skills thanks mostly to VAI, as well as a circle of friends and supporters, who have promoted my skills and helped popularize my SL art. And I in turn promote VAI: Mutual support – It doesn’t get much better than that!

Ask yourself – What happens when you first land in SL? You’re totally lost, and without resources. For someone with a disability, that can be terribly overwhelming…

Even how to move, and get things done in SL is problematic at first, as we all know. VAI has that covered with walk-through basic and advanced orientation courses. And people at VAI will answer questions and help – Even with “tweaking” avatars or hair to achieve a more realistic, more pleasing look.

VAI has saved me months of evolution, and advanced my awareness of SL’s potential at a vastly accelerated rate. And it’s given me an appreciative, supportive audience for my writing, and my paintings as well. 🙂

There aren’t just a few projects being done at VAI, there are literally hundreds of things going on every day. We are a fully-functional SL community and we help people.

I believe we’re on the cutting edge of those groups out to discover the true potential of SL – as a learning tool and as a vehicle to promote community, in a world where real community often seems to be increasingly rare.”