Vihlyrel’s Story

“Hi. In SL I am called Vihlyrel Eclipse. A friend brought me into SL, and it was a great idea! I suffer from MS, as does Gentle Heron. Another friend introduced me to Gentle, as my MS was really affecting my cognitive abilities. I thank him for doing so!”

“SL gives me a lot of social outlets that I otherwise wouldn’t have… and VAI gives me a lot of outlets to other resources of help in my situation, as well as support from people.”

VAI referred Vihlyrel to real-world resources that could help her deal with her life situation. These included the National MS Society’s social worker program, and local social service agencies.

“My disability involves loss of cognitive abilities, but people in Virtual Ability don’t judge. They let me take my time and find my words, to express what I am trying to say. It has been a rewarding experience. I have found a great deal of support here at VAI.”

“VAI and SL have given me hope again … I had pretty much given up on hope … so this is important to me.”