Second Life Disability Resources

We are forging relationships with other Second Life® institutions and groups, including:

Healthinfo Island

Healthinfo Island is a public venue for providing evidence-based information about health and wellness, including presentations, discussions, and displays. Created in November 2006 under a grant from the National Library of Medicine, Healthinfo Island is owned by Virtual Ability. It now houses facilities such as:

  • Path of Support, a collection of posters representing the over 120 peer support groups in Second Life
  • Displays and Exhibits
  • Consumer Health Library, where members of the public can ask questions and receive personalized reading lists
  • Research Pavilion, where opportunities to participate in research studies are posted
  • Health and Wellness Pavilion, with exercise equipment
  • Herb Garden

The Health Support Coalition

This SL organization brings together the heads of the support organizations that are represented on the Path of Support. The purposes of this coalition include being aware of other programs’ capabilities to enable cross referring members, maintaining a common calendar, and encouraging and supporting new group leaders so that their groups can grow. Virtual Ability, Inc. was a founding member of this Coalition.

The Path of Support

The Path is a collection of large posters arranged along the sides of a square path on HealthInfo Island. Each poster gives information about a different SL health or disability peer support organization. It was originally created by the avatars Drangea Lyndhurst and Knoh Oh. The collection as displayed makes a strong statement about the variety and types of assistance available to disabled individuals within Second Life.